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by Laverne Ong

错过了的爱 from 王乐温, is a next level Chinese pop song with an extremely cool melody.
Singaporean singer-songwriter Laverne’s first mandarin album 《不要错过。。。》 consists of 3 mandarin songs. She works with lyricists Cammy Yii and Psytophe, who post their opinions about life and love.
《错过了的爱》is about not taking love for granted. There are two sides to this: on one hand, regrets set in when a relationship is not treasured and is later lost; on the other hand, when two people are deeply in love, it is easy to take each other for granted. If fortunately, you do find the love that you have been waiting for, it requires takes both effort and commitment from both parties.

laverne ong

Laverne Ong

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