Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Issata

Musician, producer,and DJ artist Issata is based in Chicago and his latest album ‘High life’ is classified under the genres of Hip Hop,Rap and R&B. As an upcoming artist, Issata’s ‘24’ track gives us ultra modern and futuristic vibes in a way that we get lost in a world of modernist music.

The track begins with an electro beat setting, creating a perfect atmospheric music and adding mystery to what the song is actually about.The title of the song is a bit of an unusual one as ‘24’ is a number and what it means for me was a question in the first place. After listening to the song a couple of times, 24 indicates the hours in a day and how we put time and effort to make a living and to pursue a career in order to fulfill our needs and necessities.Nonetheless, even if we end up having a job or a career our necessities are ever growing and as result of it our earnings are not suffice to fulfill our desires.

The gist of the song can be perceived in different dimensions as this is just my personal opinion about the track and you are free to interpret it in your own way.As far as the sound and music is concerned ,Issata has effectively managed to bring a certain rhythm and flow to the song by adding the fusions of electro beats and Hip Hop.The rap just adds more fire and spice to the track making even a non Hip Hop lover groove to the song.Being a DJ artist must have helped Issata to play with the sounds of the track like a pro.For all the Hip Hop fans out there, go check 24 as you will get the chance to experience a music that is unique and modernistic in all the way

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