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A Letter From The Stars

by The Space Within

The Space Within, a Norwegian band project hailing from Stavanger, has released a powerful new song, “A Letter From The Stars.” Blending alternative metal, gothic metal, and prog metal, the band delivers a unique sound that is both haunting and thought-provoking.

“A Letter From The Stars” is a hypothetical letter penned by an alien race superior to ours, expressing their frustration with humanity’s foolish behavior. The song’s poignant lyrics urge humans to cherish the gifts of peace, love, and nature, emphasizing that true paradise lies in harmony, not in the relentless pursuit of power and wealth at the expense of Mother Earth and its inhabitants.

The Space Within’s compelling narrative and evocative music make “A Letter From The Stars” a standout track. Their ability to convey profound messages through their art sets them apart in the metal scene, making this song a must-listen for fans of thought-provoking music.

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