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Abandoned House

by ThroneMuzik

ThroneMuzik tends to stand out from what’s considered trending these days.This latest track, Abandoned House is definitely a track everyone can feel and relate to. ThroneMuzik mixes the sharp sensible lyrics alongside the melodies to create the perfect track to vibe. ThroneMuzik was born in Detroit, MI.Throne was born on April 25, 1991, in Detroit, Michigan. Throne started making music at the age of 5. At the age of 10, he took his first trip to a professional recording studio. He turned to making beats in the sixth grade at age 12. At age 14, he took a break from rapping and making beats to pursue becoming a screenwriter and film director. At age 15, he got back into music and forsook every other hobby he had to go after his dream of being a music producer. At age 16, Throne built a recording studio in the basement of his mother’s house. At age 17, Throne’s dedication to his musical dreams came to a halt when on March 9, 2008 he was baptized and took nearly a year off from creating music to solely work on his faith. At age 18, he returned to creating music (Gospel Rap). In March of 2010, he began working on his debut album titled A Letter to the Lost Generation, and released it under the alias ‘Tense’. In 2014, Throne decided to do some rediscovering of himself. He ended up changing his name from Tense to ThroneMuzik. Shortly after changing his name, he experienced a job loss and a suspension from Wayne State University. This caused him to open up his own recording studio. After experiencing a divorce and quitting music again, he met a minister by the name of Apostle William Hodge for the first time. Hodge said to him “don’t quit the music man”. It was at that point that Throne knew that he had to continue doing music. His album New Beginnings plans to release in 2021.



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