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Back Then

by Trigga Barbie

Back Then from Trigga Barbie, is a next level Rap HipHop song with an extremely cool melody. Trigga Barbie better known as ( Tiijah Everleen ), Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. She has always been involved with music growing up and Started her career as an artist in 2017. Trigga is an independent artist and engineer. She is self taught and mastered most of her first tracks. Trigga Barbie is a very versatile artist and has so much to give to her fans. Trigga Barbie is a very strong woman and a great artist . A lot of joy within Trigga Barbie brings out her erotic style in her music . But recently Trigga has been battling a family problem. Her uncle passed away and she was really close to her Aunt that had recently gotten sick. Plus losing her home and battling to go to college in a different city . These events put a big cloud of stress and depression over Trigga Barbie head. Now releasing her new single “Back Then” it really shows how she saw pass the situations in her life and kept working towards her dream . We should stay on the lookout of Trigga Barbie she has big plans for her music career.

Trigga Barbie

Trigga Barbie

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