Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Ronnie King

Clean from RonnieKing, is a next level Hip Hop song with an extremely cool melody. RonnieKing is a 24 year old Maryland native and 100% Hip Hop head. Motivated by money so he can live the best life he can, Ronnie’s workrate is unmatched. Wholly in love with the Hip Hop culture and the rapstar lifestyle, women, partying and money does not stop him from taking his music seriously. With laidback beats and aggressive delivery along with slick wordplay makes RonnieKing’s music perfect for any occasion. Ronnie’s pursuit of enjoying life overspills into his music with a carefree and upbeat vibe which is intoxicating to listen to, making the listener share the same experience as Ronnie himself. With more money to make and more good times to chase, RonnieKing is far from done and will continue to put out quality and feelgood hits.
Here is lyrics,
Momma I can make a rap song and keep it clean too
Ima snatch a dream all my money preteen too
Why you lying about the things you did boy I seen you
Swear to god no poser
Swear to god I’m a soldier

Give all your cash to me
Give all your gas to me
I’m just a rapper baby
It is what it has to be
Lady mind your business
Leave me alone
Why you standing over me as I’m checking on my phone
Making raps I’m in my zone
Thank you Mr. wave
Interfere with money put you in a early grave
I’m a diamond in the rough
Everybody playing tough
I’m searching around the city cute face big butt
Tell me something special
How you fit all that in jeans
Macking until I die
Pimping running through my genes
Told you I’m a soldier
Call you up when it’s over
But it never ends
Mac and cheese
With my craft
The perfect blend
Two plus two simple math
Black billionaire
Study money
Got a plan
What I look like snitching on my brother
I’m a man
Let it melt
Slap hard like your daddy belt

Ronnie King

Ronnie King

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