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Dramatique Waters

by Julia Bondar

Dramatique Waters from Julia Bondar, is a next level Techno, Electro, Modular Synth, Minimal song with an extremely cool melody. Techno, electro, modular synth, minimal. Julia Bondar is a Ukrainian born, Barcelona based electronic music artist, singer, and songwriter. Her journey as a musician started when she was making demos for Endorphin, es euro rack modular synthesizers to help her partner, Andreas Zhukovsky, the founder and developer of the brand, to promote and demonstrate the possibilities of the freshly engineered modules for the market. Bondar soon became a co-founder of the brand and moved the company from Kiev, Ukraine, to Barcelona, Spain. This triggered her to delve into the modular synth scene and develop her knowledge of synthesizers amongst fellow artists who have grown exponentially over the years. With her music she reflects the modern underground movement after midnight. You will feel the power of the sound of analog machines harmonically linked to the pleasant, danceable and hypnotic atmosphere with industrial rhythms.

Julia Bonda

Julia Bondar

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