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Get Me Out

by Jody and the Jerms

Jody And The Jerms are a sextet from Oxford, formed in late 2019. The band are fronted by the singular Jody, who remarkably until last year had never sung in front of anyone. Finding her calling and instant chemistry with the vintage-flecked indie of the Jerms, within a matter of weeks of their formation, grand plans of original material and tours soon began to form with natural ease.

“Get Me Out” is a track about small-town suburban boredom and that yearning to escape that spring from it. Though as Jody Jeger sings “Get me out of here, I’m screaming, I need something new…”, it’s impossible to tell whether it’s smalltown suburbia or the spiders in her garage, she’s hoping to escape more. “Get Me Out” was written in November by Jody alongside Jerms lead-guitarist (and husband) Niall, though its notions of escapism couldn’t be more apposite now. Like adult reflections of a teenage dream, it hits like a sugar rush shot from another era. With warm slide guitars, woven with web-like intricacy to Jody’s airy vocal, a sense of fond familiarity also radiates from the authentic Hammond organ played by Robert Anwood. Recalling the breezy, sweet-natured indie of Belle & Sebastian or The Field Mice crossed with the power-pop punch of Sleeper or The Darling Buds, at just under the three-minute mark, it’s as endearingly shy as it is feverishly addictive.

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