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Gorillaz Gettin Paid

by Eggotheboss

Eggotheboss is a Washington DC based Rap- Hip hop Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style. This artist’s flow and creativity set him apart from his competition .
Making music is his passion! He won’t stop until he reach the top!!!!:100: He grew up in Washington DC making music. It’s always been his dream to be successful and have his songs played worldwide. He has been threw a lot of hardships in his life that could have easily derailed everything he wanted to succeed in. But instead of letting everything around him ruin him, he believed in God as well as his music. He decided to stay headstrong on making music and now it’s paying off.
He tends to stand out from what’s considered trending these days. His latest video , “Gorillaz Gettin Paid” , is definitely a video everyone can feel and relate to .Eggotheboss mixes his sharp sensible lyrics alongside the melodies to create the perfect video to vibe.


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