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I Am Lsk EP – The Visual Album ???

by Lsk

Lsk is a polished artist in House Music production out of Maputo, Mozambique. He has been making waves in the underground scene for his ability to cook up eclectic tracks. His first significant release was on Deep Bear Recordings and since then he has self-released tons of music showcasing his love for Bass and Tech House influences. Lsk teamed up with Perditio Inc., a record label from San Francisco, California to release his first EP entitled I Am Lsk. This EP is loaded with bounce and will keep the masses grooving from start to finish. At the core of House Music, are tunes that tell collaborative stories between operator and dancer. Lsk understands how to bend beats according to his will. He pushes the viewer to listen, uncovering the story, step by step. In a world where some producers are trying to make radio hits – other producers are making the music that the dance floors are hungry for, Lsk is a unique icon that brings electricity and depth to each track he makes. We are excited and happy to share with you these delectably dark beats.

Fresh Release Songs

STL, It’s Goin Down!

Artist: Colour Theory Band


Artist: King Tyguss