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by Autumn Mikeal

Autumn Mikeal tends to stand out from what’s considered trending these days.Her latest track, JUDAS is definitely a track everyone can feel and relate to. Autumn Mikeal mixes her sharp sensible lyrics alongside the melodies to create the perfect track to vibe. Autumn Mikeal is a powerhouse artist, vocalist and songwriter. Born in Memphis, Autumn started recording music professionally at the early age of 13 and she now resides in Dallas,TX as Worship Leader at Christ Throne Church in Allen,TX. She draws musical inspiration from all four corners of the earth and she infuses soul and powerful melodies across different genres of music whether Gospel, Rnb or Pop music. Her mission is to reach people through life music and stories that inspire transformationAutumn Mikeal was born in Dallas, Texas.
Here is the lyrics of his new song ,

God here I am again
I’m struggling with what you said
With the words you said
Betrayal don’t come from outside
it always comes from within, within
Keeping the faith
Vs getting revenge Oh Judas
Lord forgive me for I have sinned
Take away this hate from within
Sweet nothings dipped in poison
Sugar coated lies

Oh Judas Oh Judas Oh Judas
Betrayed me with a kiss

Renew a right spirit
To forgive God
I can’t say that I’ll get past it
Lord I’m on my knees
Oh he did so much damage
How do you deal with someone who has no soul
How do you love someone
Who only loves control
Lord heal my heart
Gave my mind my body my soul
I gotta let this go
Oh I gotta let this go

Oh Judas Oh Judas Oh Judas
Betrayed me with a kiss
You lie, you lie, you, lie

Autumn Mikeal

Autumn Mikeal

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