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Just the Rain

by DigsTrumentals

DigsTrumentals is Uk based Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style.His flow and creativity set his apart from competition. DigsTrumentals was born in Uk. DigsTrumentals is a music producer from the South East UK. He started making music from the age of 16 using what he could get hold of from Magix hip hop maker to then finding his feet and comfort with Ableton. He made songs for local rappers Mc Fury, Bazza and Raza. 15 years later he decided to share his music on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. His inspirations growing up were rappers Nas, Rakim, Common and the Game. producing is what grabbed him with artist like Dre, Premier, RZA and J Dilla, really inspired him to make hip hop music, artist like Wiley, Skepta and Kano really gave Digs the drive and motivation that we could be as good as the states and find our place in the urban music scene



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