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K.O. The Quiet Storm Addition

by Antonio Cooke

Antonio Cooke tends to stand out from what’s considered trending these days. His latest track, K.O. The Quiet Storm Addition is definitely a track everyone can feel and relate to. Antonio Cooke mixes his sharp sensible lyrics alongside the melodies to create the perfect track to vibe.
This man is “RAW” Talent. Give him a mic, a stage, a crowd, and a beat and it’s on from there. This artist is a Choreographer, Producer, Songwriter and works alone. No one needs more support as an artist than this man (Antonio Cooke). He is on the verge of dropping his first ever Christmas album this year that is surely a treat. 2022 he is releasing another solo project album that has been highly anticipated since his debut album “Deeper” in 2019. Let’s support him by helping him reach the capital needed to assist in financing his project by streaming, sharing, and purchasing any of his music available on all major platforms.
Antonio Cooke was born and raised in the heart of South Memphis, TN. Living in a poor household as a child, he and his family fought through the struggles of survival daily. Have you ever walked to school with holes in your shoes, ever lived years with no lights, days without food, always been singled out, and picked on? Well Antonio has. It is from there where he pulls his painfully, soulful vocals, accurate structure, arrangement of songs, and storytelling from. Antonio started singing at the age of 7, dance at 9, and songwriting at the age of 12. Antonio grew to become a solid choreographer and was a bonafide game changer in the Memphis Dance World. In a time where Memphis Jookin’ was almost extinct, Antonio enhanced the style by simply dancing on his “tippy toes”. The style has become a worldwide phenomenon. Since then Antonio has graduated from three universities rewarding him five degrees and has been recording his own projects locally gaining him the reputation as “The Next to Blow ”.

Antonio Cooke

Antonio Cooke

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