Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Babyface Basil

To define Babyface Basil himself in 2021 is to define oneself through a drug-addled haze of memories that only exist in the minds of the people that were left with an everlasting impression of him, drawn upon as a mere record and referendum that stirs every emotion on the spectrum (except fulfilment) depending on the particular event that he’s being reminded of. Sometimes amusing, sometimes painful. These are the experiences that Babyface Basil has arranged into a stained glass mosaic of textures and abstract statements reminiscent of Supreme Clientele Ghostface Killah’s codex of indelibly flavorful textures that are as irresistible to hear and revel in as they are to diagnose and unravel as they tangle themselves around your psyche in real-time. Only now he has pushed his word into the digitized spectrum and for better or worse, he is here to weather the storm as a torchbearer for the human experience celebrating modern frivolity and ancient truth alike.

The song “LSD” is an Alternative Hip-hop by Babyface Basil, produced with an amazing electronic melody and heart touching vocals. The well-shaped drum segment with electronic modulative effects creates an A1 music encounter for the listeners.

Babyface Basil

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