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MASK ft Jboz

by Codex Digital

MASK ft Jboz from Codex Digital is a next level Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody. Codex Digital is based in San Diego, CA. “MASK” is the first release from the fierce progressive Hip Hop band Codex Digital. This genre-bending track takes the through a rollercoaster of emotions from the past year, and accepting the new normalities of life after COVID-19. Focusing on unique sounds, trippy melodies and introspective lyrics that promote self development and wellness at a frequency of 432 Hz. Mask is a new song about hope and perseverance. The goal of the record is to inspire the listener to take an introspective look into their lives while celebrating the good and acknowledging the bad. The song uses a unique cadence and catchy upbeat melodies meant to take the listener on a roller coaster ride down memory lane.

Codex Digital

Codex Digital

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