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No Heroes


hello spotify family I really appreciate you guys accepting me. My real name is Quimaine Amons I’m from newark NJ I am a Father of 3 beautiful kids 2 girls and a boy and 3 of 5 boys rasie by a single mother who did what she could to make us to the men we are today I wanna say that music started for me in the early 2000s I use to watch my oldest brother and his friends rap from a CD player just freestyling off of different beats I grew interest instantly nd never stop my first song wasnt the best but I kept at. me and first lil brother Andre started off together we called ourselves problem childs smh now that I think about we never did anything that really caused problems lol anyway we were good but tbh he had me the flow the style everything he definitely had it. But sad to say He died Aug 12 2007 due to appendicitis destroyed me deeply it was like an unbelievable feeling for me my mom nd my brothers to bear. he was only 15 nd I’m not gonna lie i dropped music I just couldn’t do it anymore it didnt feel the same but things change I guess over the years i found myself writing here nd there but now it was better it was like he said alright break over time to get on it lol I never really took music seriously to the point I wanted to make it in the industry just really did it to listen to myself til ppl around me started to take notice nd said I have talent I should take it serious. So here I am and I will do what I can to leave my mark for the world to see Thank you all.

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