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Now or Never

by Cade Chavez

Cade Chavez is Sacramento California based Teen singer/songwriter Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style. He flows and creativity set him apart from competition.He is sixteen years old and he writes and performs all of his own songs. What started out as poetry evolved into music. He started with piano and switched to guitar a few years ago. He lived in Northern California and he is a sophomore in high school. He just got an 87% on his Physics test! and He just started driving! His immediate goal is to get his many songs recorded and share them with the world!!! He write about emotions and experience and He hope they will speak to you. He can’t wait to share his music with you! If you send me a message with !!! He will know you discovered me on Spotify.

Now or Never

Cade Chavez

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