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Pull Up

by Ray Kush

Ray Kush is Houston, TX based Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style. His flow and creativity set him apart from competition. You will feel the power of the sound of analog machines harmonically linked to the pleasant, danceable and hypnotic atmosphere with industrial rhythms.
Here are lyrics of the song,
Pull up deep
In jeeps looking like the army
doors off like they can’t harm me
doze off b**** don’t bore me
Just like the whip my lil b**** a foreign
Just like some dip that’s how I be going in
She can’t help but trip cuz that lil b**** annoying
Cuz I got he drip like I’m spilling soy
She wanna f*** but she is not the choice
He wanna up be but he is not the boy
Grind or be stuck I ain’t have a choice
Before I was up I ain’t have a voice
Now they hear me way before they see me
Been going hard since I had a wee wee
Now my pockets bigger d*** way bigger
And yo baby mama wanna freak me

I got the season
I got the reason
Yo b**** is bad
I wanna lease it
I’ll give her back
don’t wanna keep it
Sig in my lap
You know how I’m creeping
And that’s on gang
Know I can’t leave it
I’ll let it sang
Just like Anita
Run I got aim
And I’m in shape
You can beat up
N**** you lame
More like a diva

Got a sig on my hip
like a beeper
She suck on the tip like mosquito
No BBQ if it’s beef we mesquite him
F*** these n***** ion see ’em
Bags bigger all I’m seeing
F*** these h*** ion need ’em
Tryna jack me for my semen
But she giving neck like a tie
Get top on the way to the top
I give it all that I got
Before I stop b**** I’m gone die
I never took a loss I really learned
I had to grind hard ’till my turn
Now I’m on they top like a perm
Pull up Collect Big Worm (If not)
Pull up with techs like Worm (I’m hot)
Pull up and dry up a storm
But when I come thru she get wet as a storm
I had to thank God that I made it
Times was dark it was real shady
Didn’t have a card couldn’t make a payment
Now my bank card making statements

I got the season…

Ray Kush

Ray Kush

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