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Right Now

by DeathstrokeDMV

Right Now Undeniably this is a masterpiece of first-rate music.DeathstrokeDMV is Rockville Maryland based Emo Rap/Alternative/Underground Artist. His performance is unbelievably matchless and the listeners will find the gravity of his talents when listening to this song. He said “ I’m from Gaithersburg, Maryland, I graduated from quince orchard hs, I’ve been making music for probably about 12 years now mainly as a producer, I’ve done some of my own songs in the past but this is me trying to get back out there as a vocal artist. I’ve produced for lil b, Soulja boy, bexey, dc rapper xanman, lil xelly from Rockville. My influences are very mixed from many subgenres of hip hop and other forms of pop and alternative music. I feel my current style is much in the vein of guys who have tried to fuse hip hop and alternative music in the past but I feel the difference is that I have perspective on the producer side and artist side of things. I’ve always been influenced by the underground and early SoundCloud rappers dating back to around 2011-2014, my sound is very inspired by artists like lil peep, suicideboyz, bones and many other artists in that sub genre.”


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