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Second Chance (No Fears Mix)

by Franzone, feat. MaryDee

DJ, Music Producer – Franzone, better known as DJ Franzone, hails from the 70s / 80s disco and funk era, reflects in the music he plays. As a DJ, he works mainly at mid-size and private events. He is currently limiting his appearances to 2-3 per year while he dedicates more time to creating his music. A distinct 80s groove is reflected in his music production.

Franzone was a long time member of the electro duo “Skip The Class”. Some tracks from the band are on the legendary “Electric Dance Sampler”. During this time he also served as a warm-up DJ for local acts. Later, he brought together the members of the pop band “Art Happens” and managed the band as well. Additionally, he recorded some tracks with the indie musician “Boss Didg“ that were never released.

The artist’s dance music creation, “Second Chance” featuring MaryDee is a splendid dance mix that would make you feel highly energized. This mix spreads exuberance, making you dance forgetting all the worries in life. The romantic touch of the song enhances the saxophone flavour from the beginning. MaryDee’s fruity vocals mix synthesized pop grooves with a touch of a jazzy house flavour. Play it loud!

Franzone, feat. MaryDee

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