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Second Wind

by Sorce Manifesto

Sorce Manifesto is a hip-hop artist based out of Toronto, Canada. He aims to create music that inspires listeners to tap into their fullest potential and provide them with a soundtrack to the pursuit of their dreams and ambitions.

The artist is a life-long student of personal development, Sorce has incorporated his passion for personal growth with his love for music and created a fusion of inspirational lyrics over melodic lo-fi instrumentation.

“Second Wind” is the first single of his upcoming EP titled “Shoot the Breeze” which makes you tap into your reserve tank and overcome hurdles in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. The striking flavour in the song is heightened with the way the artist performs it to the listeners. The heavenly background instrumental puts a pacifying tone into the track making this a heartfelt song to the music holics all over the world.

Sorce Manifesto

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