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Slow & Fast


SAN FRANCISCO, CA and MAPUTO, MZ – ALAIN is a House Music producer out of Maputo, Mozambique. For years he has been honing his craft, cooking up tracks that range from Afro House, to Tech House, to Big Room EDM. The marriage of these different genres in ALAIN’s music make genre bending a regular occurrence for his tracks. With his audience and music library exploding like a wildfire in 2021, Perditio is excited to introduce the Memories EP to his body of work.

The Memories EP is a groovy trip through time. These tracks showcase the incredible range ALAIN brings to house music production. With meticulous sound selection, ALAIN continuously keeps you hooked on the next beat to move to. Massive drops and beat changes are introduced throughout these tracks that may actually blow out your speakers. When we think about classic House tunes that transcend time, we think about the tracks that break the mold or pave the way. ALAIN’s tracks are a bright point in House music production today, we are excited to share his music with the world.

“Slow and Fast” is among the producer’s A1 musical outputs. This track keeps the listeners single-minded and remained conscientious for a long period with the repetitive rhythm. The viewers probably would get lots of satisfaction out of listening to this track.We are happy to share this delicately dark music with you. We know you’ll love it.

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