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Stick Talk

by Retro Miami

Stick Talk from Retro Miami, is a next level Hip hop R&B song with an extremely cool melody. Retro Miami is an up and coming singer, songwriter hailing from Miami, Florida. Heavily inspired by Chris Brown, Retro Miami seeks to deliver music that will impact the listeners in a unique way. Her emotions transcend into the music, and that is what sets her apart in the music industry. As a growing artist, she learned how to produce her own beats, mix and master her music. Her versatility in talents gives her the opportunity to control every aspect of her sound and style. Through this, Retro Miami delivers music that has a unique sound that characterizes her style. Dreaming of becoming global one day, Retro Miami is the artist to keep an eye and ear out for as she is set to leave her footprint in the music industry. Stick Talk came to be by me just getting suspended from work. She said, “It was a long hot day 105 degrees in Texas. I got back from my router to my manager telling me I was going to be suspended for a week. I had all types of bills to pay and I had a depressing moment to myself saying “WOW I really don’t want to go through this work stuff when I have the talent” “ I’m more than what I’m doing” I sat at my computer, pulled out my mic and I poured straight emotion into this track.”

Retro Miami

Retro Miami

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