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by That's Geno

Geno is an established musical artist and songwriter, originally from the heart of Philadelphia. He was raised within a family surrounded by a multitude of artistic talents, so entering the music world seemed to just be second nature. When asked about his unparalleled motivation, Geno says, “I was born with multiple gifts. It’s only right to use them.”
As he grew older, Geno began analyzing the careers of various esteemed artists in the industry, regardless of their genre. He desired to find unique ways to combine their musical techniques with his stylings to create a diverse sound and brand that would be barrier-breaking and all his own.
A growing fanbase has now begun to recognize Geno’s seemingly untapped talent, coupled with his passion-filled drive to succeed and share his message. His goal is to reach an audience not only in his hometown but globally, from coast to coast and worldwide. Throughout his journey so far, Geno has released 3 mixtapes: Money Magnet (2011), Invisible Crown (2012), and Crown Thief (2014). He has several other musical projects in the works including his self created movement, “Lava Gang.” The project consists of Geno and his brother Eighty, as well as their producer and childhood best friend, Aye Dell. The trio has gained attraction and significant exposure worldwide on their record titled “Da Birds Are Chirping”(2015).

You might have heard the phrase “You can do whatever you put your mind to,” several times before. Geno appears to be the exact reflection that anything is possible, possessing a variety of diverse talents and ventures he plans to pursue alongside music. He is currently working on branding himself as a solo artist for upcoming releases, however, he is passionate about collaborating with other talents and rising with other creators surrounding him. As of 2021, he is signed to M|O|O|D Records, standing for “Manifesting Our Destiny”. You can find his recent musical releases on all streaming platforms under “That’s Geno”.

His contemporary track “Tied” is remarkable as a milestone in the artist’s musical journey. This great piece of hip-hop music solidifies profound connectivity with music lovers beyond the genre, cultural boundaries as it vibes appealing sparks of entertainment to the listener.

That's Geno

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