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Too Late

by Denis Burbach

Hailing from Germany, Denis Burbach is an upcoming Blues Rock/Soul Artist with a penchant for creating irresistible tunes and relatable narratives. He composes his songs using his electric guitar in his basement studio. Plays around with his effect pedals to get sounds he likes and comes up with new ideas. Particularly, the connection with other musicians influenced him greatly. “Getting ideas directly from my head and implementing them on the instrument is one of the greatest experiences I’ve had so far.” – Denis Burbach

In the song, “Too Late”, the artist Denis describes his feelings that he expresses through his instrument. As the title says, it’s about nobody cares until it is too late”. This amazing song depicts depression and how to deal with it, in order to get back to life with positive thoughts. The song describes the hard times he underwent, due to the loss of a person he loved.


Denis Burbach

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