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Dove Dupree
Dove Dupree (feat Darrell Maurice)


by Dove Dupree (feat Darrell Maurice)

Formerly known as D.Dove, Dove Dupree is a poet, music artist, youth advocate, who started writing raps at the early age of 7. His goal in music and poetry is to impact, inspire and all the good things in between. In addition to that, D.Dove is known to be a teaching artist, where he enlightens the students through workshops about the way of applying music, poetry, and rap in whatever they learn.

According to the artist, Words can be used to start a big bang, or an Armageddon, choose them wisely. He writes music with a purpose to impact, inspire and transform.

“Unify” by Dove Dupree featuring Darrell Maurice delivers a precious message to the audience around the world that one must listen to. The artist’s attempt of applying music to widen peoples aware of racism is estimable in every respect.

“I wrote this shortly after the George Floyd incident and protests last year. It’s more of a call out for all of us to come together when these things are happening to us, I am a believer, and I think it is more important than ever that we rally together because we are not Just one in America, we are one in him. Hope this speaks to you.”

Dove Dupree

Dove Dupree (feat Darrell Maurice)

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