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Olafaya x Lemon Adisa


by Olafaya x Lemon Adisa

Olafaya released her first cover on Instagram in 2017. She developed a talent for music before the age of 10, inspired by the artists such as Toni Braxton, Femi Kuti, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Nelly, Eve, and more. The passion for continuing her music career, along with Olafaya’s confidence, drive, and energy mauled her to the artist today. The artist aspires to see music and content made by Africans consumed and celebrated all around the world on the same plain as western music. Olafaya’s “YEA ” is a confession of escape which is reflected by hither parts of the track. The omitted cheerful tones represent the sad truth that, some people just don’t care that much about them. The artist’s mental battles were the motivation behind her lyrics. The first line is sung in the popular Western Nigerian provoking the idea ‘It’s a little dark right now’. The island-pop beats signify that they have the answer somehow.

Olafaya x Lemon Adisa

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