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You Can’t Harm Me

by Funding Secured

You Can’t Harm Me from Funding Secured is a next level hip-hop song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody. Funding Secured is based in Perth, Western Australia. We’re Jack and Max from the south-west of Western Australia. We like frogs, money and music. We make the sounds so that we can secure the funds. We need you to help us. Help us secure the funds.
2 years ago, he has suffered a brain-altering head injury after being smashed against an overhanging rock at the beach. After that, his mind wasn’t fast anymore and he could feel it. HIs moods changed and his loved ones started to miss him even though he had survived. He went through a long period of drug abuse and all the hell that entails before he finally hit rock bottom. He had a seizure from benzodiazepine abuse. He had to learn how to hear music again. For the last year, He had been struggling through hell trying to at least make some people happy with his sounds before his body gave up on the crazy ride he took it on.

Funding Secured

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