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by atdamaori

Authenticity is hard to come by in the music industry, but Atdamaori, a Maori performer from New Zealand, delivers it in bucket loads. He has a new song out called “Blind,” and it fuses many genres of music together in an interesting way.

Atdamaori, a proud native of New Zealand and Maori descent, is the 3600’s spokesman. His songs portray an honest story, but they do so in a way that sets them apart from the others.

The heartfelt enthusiasm that comes from creating music for its own sake is what truly sets “Blind” apart from other similar works. The music of Atdamaori is proof that extraordinary ability may appear anywhere, even in a shed in New Zealand.

Listen to “Blind” by Atdamaori if you’re in search of some refreshingly original music that is also real and honest. The trip from the workshop to your ears is well worth it.

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