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A weird short song

by Donte Millz

Prepare to embark on an unconventional musical journey as Donte Millz drops his latest hip hop/rap creation, “A Weird Short Song (visual).” If you’re tired of cookie-cutter tracks, this one’s for you.

Donte Millz, hailing from Trinity, NC, is far from your typical hip hop artist. His artistry thrives on bending the rules and pushing the boundaries of creativity. With his latest release, he’s shaking up the rap scene.

“Use your lessons as guides to keep your blessings alive” is not just a line from the song; it’s a mantra that defines Donte Millz’s journey. He weaves his life experiences into his music, delivering a message of growth and resilience.

The “A Weird Short Song (visual)” is a delightful anomaly in the world of hip hop. It’s a quirky, unconventional masterpiece that challenges the norm, both sonically and visually. Donte Millz’s ability to merge thought-provoking lyrics with a unique presentation sets him apart.

If you’re looking for something refreshingly different in the world of hip hop/rap, give “A Weird Short Song (visual)” a listen. Donte Millz is breaking the mold, and you won’t want to miss the ride.


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