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BLACC Sassou


by BLACC Sassou

Experience the vibrant beats and powerful message of “KITE YO PALE” by BLACC Sassou, a sensational hip-hop artist hailing from New York. This Afro-infused anthem is a celebration of resilience and self-love, inspired by Sassou’s Haitian roots and dedicated to his people.

In “KITE YO PALE,” Sassou delivers a poignant reminder to ignore the noise and negativity of others, urging listeners to rise above the chatter and embrace the joy of life. The infectious rhythm and uplifting lyrics serve as a rallying cry for empowerment and unity, uniting audiences with a shared sense of strength and pride.

Join BLACC Sassou on a musical journey of empowerment and liberation with “KITE YO PALE,” a song that transcends boundaries and spreads a message of hope to all who listen. Let the music move you and inspire you to live your truth, unapologetically and with boundless joy.


BLACC Sassou

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