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by Post Death Soundtrack

Prepare to delve into the dark, immersive world of Post Death Soundtrack with their latest opus, “Immovable.” This Vancouver-based duo, known for their psychedelic doom grunge sound, invites listeners on a journey through the untamed plains of the subconscious.

Crafting a dense electric symphony of heathen guitars and brazen bass, Post Death Soundtrack sets the stage for the inimitable Steve Moore to showcase his crushing vocal performances. With each piece, Moore embodies themes of scathing fury and enlightened ambivalence, balancing ferocity and serenity with surrealist absurdity.

“Immovable” is the product of Post Death Soundtrack’s fourth full-length release, “Veil Lifter,” a tempestuous record channeling doom, grunge, hardcore, and thrash into a crushing new sound. Inspired by legends like Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath, as well as contemporary heavyweights like Russian Circles and YOB, this album is a relentless charge capturing the unwelcome outsider mentality.

Thematically, “Immovable” explores provocative and incisive topics, serving as a meditation on mental illness and a bold expression of terrifying realities. As the name suggests, “Veil Lifter” aims to lift the veil of ignorance, leading listeners through shamanic visions and shadowy dreamscapes to a place of renewal and unbecoming.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the depths of “Immovable” and experience the raw power of Post Death Soundtrack’s sonic journey.

Post Death Soundtrack

Post Death Soundtrack

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