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Christine Lyric Video

by Jemerson Flynn

Absolutely, mellow than previous Jemerson Flynn songs, “Christine” seems to be about the story of a tormented soul. The song has a very painful yet powerful tone embarked in it. The artist sings about how “some pretty girls turned my baby out, and now she is quite a star ” This is where the artist is talking about how gradually, everything ended.

“Christine” is one of the heartfelt music productions and another brilliantly wayward progression of Jemerson Flynn. The incredible rock traits included in the track striking guitar parts, and regal horn blasts bestowing a piece of top-rated music to the listeners. “Christine ” feels more heart touching with the surrealist lyrics eventually merging into another realistic koan about someone special who is gone. Through it all, Jemerson Flynn’s voice is so clear that it is extremely piercing through the listener’s soul. ” Now Christine has been laid to rest… In her pretty dress and veil…”

The melody is among his most powerful: hurtful and sharp, like when the artist heightens his voices with instruments. The artist sings loud and sharp the way it sounds when you try to convince someone you’re fine when your nerves tell a different story. Eminently the songwriting subdues the decay of the atmosphere, and the second half is inscribed to the pure ambience. The way I see it, this song is simply another exceptional song by Jemerson Flynn which is worth listening to.

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