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Brian McAndrew
Brian McAndrew


by Brian McAndrew

The recently released “Ghost” by artist Brian McAndrew has had a great sense of experimentation since its inception. Brian McAndrew is a talented and young artist based in Portland, OR. If we talk about this whole thing in a uniquely unusual setting, with a really well written and interesting song, overall you get something totally fresh, but something familiar enough to keep you comforted and listening intently.

The track looks more like a soundtrack than a song, especially in terms of structure. The music is soft but intense; It builds without noise. As the story unfolds, its melody is more beautifully embedded in you. As an audience, we are sure that you will all fall in love when you listen to this song at once. And track music is attractive and we can feel it. That music is unique and all the combinations of this track is perfect.

The song seems to express exactly what the artists felt and intended to express. What we as strangers get from discovering it is that we do not know if our mind is moving to the same place, but the feeling is strong and the genuine power is there. The hook part of this song is pretty much hidden in the music, but it somehow captures you, however it is not a significant change in melody, there is something striking in these songs.

“Ghost” has a huge touch to invisible life, and when you combine it with those good vibes embedded in the music, it’s a winning combination. The hook part of this track will inevitably be remembered, the melody gives you the spelling, and once it gets in your head it stays for good – most likely it will bring you back sooner rather than later. Brian McAndrew’s complete music catalog is fascinating. It’s worth checking out.

Brian McAndrew

Brian McAndrew

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