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Don’t you know I’m the one

by lofi james

Australian band Instant Memory, who call Melbourne home, are making waves in the indie pop scene with their song “Don’t You Know I’m the One.” This lovely love ballad harkens back to the legendary Goffin/King era with its endearing blend of naivete and melody.

The ’80s new wave/post-punk pop sound that Instant Memory is known for is a welcome addition to the independent music landscape. Listening to them is like going back in time to when synthesizers were popular and songs were written from the heart.

The video for the song, which is composed entirely of clips from another production, is a creative interpretation of the song by the band. This shows how open the band is to trying new things with their music.

Instant Memory, based in Australia’s thriving music scene in Melbourne, creates music that evokes a bygone age while sounding fresh and contemporary.

More than just a love ballad, “Don’t You Know I’m the One” takes listeners on a nostalgic musical journey to a bygone era.

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