Hear it, See it Feel the Music.

Make it Bounce

by Rawinked

Cleveland, Ohio’s own Rawinked has just released a new hip-hop smash called “Make It Bounce.” This summertime smash will inject your playlists with an irresistible dose of energy and have you on the dance floor all night.

Rawinked, whose music is noted for its ability to grab listeners with its originality, infuses “Make It Bounce” with catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms. His dedication to making music full of carefree joy is evident in every chorus.

Rawinked is an artist from Cleveland, Ohio who finds motivation in everyday life. His upbeat summer hymn encourages everyone to let loose, feel the beat, and dance like no one else.

The success of “Make It Bounce” attests to Rawinked’s skill at writing infectiously catchy songs. The song has a catchy melody and a high-energy performance, making it a top choice for music fans looking for an uplifting anthem.

Prepare to crank up the volume, round up your pals, and let Rawinked’s “Make It Bounce” carry you away on a memorable musical adventure. Allow yourself to be carried away by the carefree spirit of summer.


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