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James Herndon
JHern Film/NM1

STL, It’s Goin Down

by JHern Film/NM1

Step into the rhythmic heart of Saint Louis, Missouri, with “STL, It’s Goin Down!” by Colour Theory Band. This electrifying track combines the soulful vibes of R&B with the infectious energy of funk, delivering a sonic experience that’s guaranteed to get you grooving.

Hailing from the streets of STL, Colour Theory Band infuses their music with the rich cultural tapestry of their hometown. With each beat and melody, they pay homage to the vibrant musical heritage of Saint Louis while adding their own contemporary twist.

JHern Film/NM1 brings the song to life with a visually captivating music video that captures the essence of the city’s dynamic atmosphere. From the bustling streets to the pulsating nightlife, “STL, It’s Goin Down!” is a celebration of community, culture, and the unifying power of music. Get ready to feel the rhythm and let the good times roll!

James Herndon

JHern Film/NM1

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