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No One Betta

by Danyelle Speaks

Presenting Danyelle Speaks’ “No One Betta,” an emotionally powerful anthem. The singer formerly known as Denoted Poetry has become a Christian R&B phenomenon because of her commanding vocals and genre-bending songwriting.

Danyelle’s life story as an Evangelist, recording artist, and record producer is truly motivational. She showed her attention to music from a young age by composing jazz instrumentals and landing a recording contract by the time she was 21. Danyelle’s passion is outside of the music industry in street ministry, where she can make an impact on people’s lives in neighborhoods, prisons, and with survivors of human trafficking.

Her music and lyrics have widespread influence, conveying messages of positivity, unity, and genuineness. Danyelle Speaks is a shining example of someone who uses their gifts to help others and make the world a better place.

With “No One Betta,” Danyelle Speaks displays her skills as a Christian R&B singer and lays the groundwork for an incredible 2023. I guarantee that her divine creativity and uplifting vocals will leave you feeling moved.

Danyelle Speaks

Danyelle Speaks

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