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Roman Rubinov’s newest composition, “Rhythm of the Soul 2023,” is an invitation to a musical journey. Rubinov’s skill as an artist and his ability to create melodies that touch the heart are on full display in this beautiful folk music.

With the help of musicians David Davidov and Vagan Ohanyan (who handled the arrangement, mixing, and mastering), Rubinov created a masterwork that is beautiful and moving regardless of the listener’s native tongue.

‘Rhythm of the Soul 2023’s’ entrancing chords take listeners to a place where feelings can be expressed openly through sound. Rubinov’s deft touch on the strings creates an evocative aural world that inspires awe and reflection.

Let the beautiful embrace of ‘Rhythm of the Soul 2023’ surround you; it is a monument to the power of music as a universal language that can reach the very depths of the human heart and soul. It’s a peaceful trip that celebrates the value of teamwork and the charm of traditional instrumental music.

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