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Simple Man

by BloodHound

In a world where authenticity is often hard to come by, BloodHound emerges as a true outlaw artist. Hailing from Gulfport, Mississippi, he embodies the spirit of the South in every lyric and beat of his music.

BloodHound, also known as Ryan Woodcock, is a one-man powerhouse, handling all aspects of his music’s creation. His latest release, “Simple Man,” is a testament to his unique style and unwavering independence.

But BloodHound’s journey has been far from easy. A single father of three boys, he’s faced numerous challenges, including serving prison time for a regrettable crime, losing both a brother and a father, and finding solace in music.

“Simple Man” tells his story with raw honesty, blending country and rap to create a genre-defying sound deeply rooted in Mississippi soil. BloodHound’s lyrics are authentic, offering a glimpse into his tumultuous life.

“I don’t play for handclaps, I play for chill bumps,” says BloodHound, capturing his passion for creating music that resonates viscerally.

Despite being one of the most banned artists on social media, BloodHound remains undeterred. His dedication to his craft and unwavering patriotism shine through in every note of “Simple Man.”

Experience the power of music to heal and transform. Check out “Simple Man” by BloodHound and subscribe for an authentic journey through the life of a true American original.

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