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99 Lives

by Brenyama

“Brenyama” has a lot to love about this released “99 Lives”. Brenyama is a rock band based in Mesa, AZ. Since 2011 Brenyama has been combining their love of rock & roll, new wave, and alternative to bring fun and energetic vibes to the universe. Brenyama’s aim is to capture the raw energy of 60s garage rock with hints of buzzing alternative, 80s synth, and 70s punk & new wave. Their music comes with this soft but strong vibe; It sets you up for ideas that follow with a simple synth wave, a soft, catchy tone, and an amazing touch. They are also interesting ideas expressed in a smooth and somewhat haunting melody.

The ‘Brenyama’ comes as a group of deeply thoughtful and genuine souls. The accompanying video significantly enhances this feeling, but even by listening to their words and their voices you feel that all of this is very real to them and that it means something. This deeply personal lyric can often separate a track from its audience, but in this case the words are intriguing and welcome at the same time.

Brenyama’s vocal style is refreshingly characteristic, and it shows up every moment – as the sound evolves and evolves, quietly and loudly, subtly and boldly, their voices are shaped accordingly, and the song benefits greatly from this constant touch. It’s a great song that always combines that nostalgic dance vibe with something new. Strong release with good hook and bright power.

The way the artist presents his songwriting and performance style has a rocky touch from the 60s. The gentle nature of the introduction makes a powerful difference with the following; It sets an emotional tone. The band nurtures the transformation of his own vocal performance brilliantly, and the song strikes a chord with every step of the rhythm and energy and emotion. It is the refreshing voice of songwriting that demonstrates creative freedom, free from imposed social norms, but effectively satisfies the need for skillfully composed and thoughtfully structured music.

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