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by Fictional…

Dive into the pulsating heart of electronic music with “Accelerate,” the latest offering from the enigmatic artist known as Fictional…. This track is a standout gem from the “Drive” EP, released under the innovative London-based label, Sweet Bay Sound, known for its eclectic taste and boundary-pushing artists. “Accelerate” embodies the essence of Fictional…’s unique sound, blending throbbing basslines with ethereal synths to create an auditory experience that transports listeners straight to the neon-lit streets of a digital metropolis.

Based in the vibrant city of London, UK, Fictional… has rapidly carved out a space in the electro scene with their innovative approach to music production and sound design. “Accelerate” not only showcases their prowess in crafting immersive electronic landscapes but also marks an exciting new chapter in their musical journey. As the track unfolds, its infectious rhythm and futuristic vibes promise to ignite dance floors and captivate electronic music enthusiasts around the globe.



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