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African Moon

by DJ Zeyhan

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic embrace of “African Moon” by the maestro himself, DJ Zeyhan. Hailing from the vibrant city of Vienna, DJ Zeyhan is more than a DJ; he’s a percussion virtuoso and producer whose musical journey began in the Worldmusic-Afro-Cosmic scene back in 1996.

With a genre-defying palette that spans Organic House, Global Bass, Downtempo, and World music, DJ Zeyhan crafts sonic landscapes that transcend cultural boundaries. His musical voyage has graced international stages, solidifying his place in the global music scene.

In “African Moon,” DJ Zeyhan invites you to a rhythmic expedition, echoing the influences of Daniele Baldelli and DJ Stefan Egger. Let the beats carry you under the enchanting African Moon as DJ Zeyhan weaves a tapestry of sound that resonates with the soul, proving that in his music, the world truly unites.

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DJ Zeyhan

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