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All I Really Want

by Urban Walrus

Listen to Urban Walrus’s mesmerizing new single, “All I Really Want,” and let your wanderlust run wild. This indie-rock masterpiece’s perfect blend of catchy melodies and reflective lyrics will take you away to sandy shores and bustling seaside towns all over the world. Urban Walrus’s music may be heard anywhere, from the peaceful coasts of Bali, where the waves caress the sand at Sanur Beach, to the buzzing metropolises of Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne in Australia, and the entrancing alleys of Stockholm, Malmö, and Göteborg in Sweden. With its blend of Britpop and the attraction of beachside excursions, “All I Really Want” is a perfect encapsulation of the indie-rock era. Walk around Seminyak Beach, feeling the sun on your skin and the beat of the music in your heart as you listen. Relax into the melodies as they carry you away to a realm of boundless happiness and possibility. So immerse yourself in the world of Urban Walrus, and let their music serve as the score to your daydreams of adventure.

Urban Walrus

Urban Walrus

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