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Always With Me (Long Live Two6ix)

by GkidFBE

Embark on an emotional journey with “Always With Me (Long Live Two6ix)” by the poignant artist GkidFBE, hailing from the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. This Hip Hop/Pluggnb tribute transcends genres, resonating with raw authenticity.

GkidFBE, a 22-year-old artist, pours his heart into every lyric, creating a memorial for his lifelong best friend and fellow artist, Two6ix, who departed too soon. The streets of Cincinnati echo with the emotional beats and heartfelt verses, immortalizing the bond between friends.

“Always With Me” is not just a song; it’s a testament to the power of music as a medium for healing and remembrance. GkidFBE’s lyrical prowess and dedication to his friend create a musical masterpiece that stands as a living tribute. Join GkidFBE on this emotional musical journey through the streets of Cincinnati, where the spirit of Two6ix lives on.

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