Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by middlenglish

Get ready to be taken to a world of ethereal sounds and mesmerizing melodies by middlenglish, a musician and songwriter from Bellingham, Washington who works alone. With the release of “America,” middlenglish shows how good they are at making trance and dance music.

Middlenglish’s music is heavy and soul-piercing, and it doesn’t matter what language you speak. This is because it breaks away from rules and styles. Middlenglish is a self-taught artist and rebel who makes instrumental pieces that speak to the soul without the need for words.

Middlenglish is on the way to building a style that is unique and easy to recognize. They have a lot of depth, great technical skills, and a natural ability to make music that is both complicated and easy to understand. Their music is influenced by many different things, but it doesn’t sound like it’s from the past.

As we excitedly wait for middlenglish’s next step, we know that their musical journey will be full of happiness, sadness, and mystery. Keep an ear out for this amazing artist as they continue to push the limits of modern music and make more beautiful music.




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