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An Interrupted Cry
Auldhelm ft Lauren Luks

An Interrupted Cry

by Auldhelm ft Lauren Luks

You’re in for a treat because San Diego’s own Auldhelm, a gifted musician and producer, has teamed up with the phenomenal percussionist Lauren Luks for a riveting live jam session dubbed “An Interrupted Cry.” This post-rock duet, influenced by Robert Frost’s poetic masterpiece “Acquainted With the Night,” is a stunning synthesis of music and feeling.

The performance is elevated to new heights by the addition of Lauren Luks’ exceptional drumming skills, which highlight Auldhelm’s mastery at crafting intricate musical compositions. This clip of them performing a live jam demonstrates their innate musical prowess and their capacity to produce an intense musical experience in the moment.

Listen to “An Interrupted Cry” by Auldhelm and Lauren Luks if you enjoy moving music that sticks with you. Give succumb to the magic of the music and allow it take you on a journey to the depths of your soul.


Auldhelm ft Lauren Luks

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