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Another Place

by In Tha Hillz

Another Place by In Tha Hillz also known as Terrence Hill, a culmination of Hip Hop , R&B & Trap beats with smooth flowing Rap. A native from Columbus, Ohio “In Tha Hillz ” describes him as an artist , a writer whose heartbeat is equivalent to music. In a nutshell he truly lives up to it.

Major highlight of his latest single ‘Another Place” is the high punching beats which have been equalized in a manner you would want to Trap dance. That is consistent throughout the song , which leaves listeners with an urge to rise up for a dance. Once and for all , let’s be clear that the song has heavy influence of Hip Hop , R&B & Trap beats. However, I find the song has tinges of club music. And I could be wrong in identifying the beats and it is something to debate for. Isn’t it ? For that you must listen to Another Place.

The second major highlight of the song would be the lyrics. Having started as a reviewer a few weeks back , I have yet to come across a powerful and hard hitting song like “Another Place”. It wrenches your gut and leaves you with unfathomable energy, the adrenaline rush one can not refuse .This is the exact kind of a song one must listen to when they need some extra bit of motivation or full on motivation to face or conquer the challenge that lies in front. If you invest deeply into the song , you would realize the great writing capabilities of Terrence Hill aka In Tha Hillz. A sure winner.

Another Place sets an example for others as to how perfectly one could blend the music and the writing into a powerful storytelling through a song. In Tha Hillz is gifted both linguistic and rhythmic.He is aware of those gifts. Given that he continues the artistry, we would be fortunate enough to listen to some great songs in the future. Another Place is just the beginning.

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