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Alton Lagrange
Alton Lagrange


by Alton Lagrange

Embark on a sonic journey with Alton Lagrange’s latest creation, “Be Here Now (NY Mix),” an electrifying fusion of Techno, Tech House, and Trance. As the beats unfold, Lagrange invites you to transcend boundaries and immerse yourself in an audio landscape that defies convention.

Alton Lagrange, a maestro in the realms of Techno, Tech House, and Trance, crafts a symphony that transcends geographical limits. “Be Here Now (NY Mix)” is not just a song; it’s a dynamic experience that transports you from the pulsating energy of Berlin to the vibrant rhythm of New York.

Feel the adrenaline of a drive through the iconic streets, as Lagrange’s music pulses through your veins. This track is more than a mix; it’s a sensory adventure, an invitation to be fully present in the moment. Get ready to elevate your musical experience with Alton Lagrange’s “Be Here Now (NY Mix).”

Alton Lagrange

Alton Lagrange

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