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by Parham Gharavaisi

Parham Gharavaisi, a solo artist based in the US, is set to captivate metalcore enthusiasts with his latest release, “Beacon.” This powerful track is part of his upcoming album, “The Video Game Album,” which is slated to drop on February 2, 2024.

Drawing inspiration from the popular video game “The Evil Within,” Parham Gharavaisi delivers a melodic metalcore masterpiece that showcases his immense talent and unique musical style. As a solo artist, he specializes in producing Melodic Gothic/Doom metal music, bringing a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere to his compositions.

“The Video Game Album” is Parham Gharavaisi’s 9th full-length album, and each track is dedicated to a specific video game or series. Fans can anticipate a monthly release of individual tracks, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the immersive worlds that inspired the artist.

Prepare to be engulfed by the melodic intensity of “Beacon” as Parham Gharavaisi takes you on a sonic journey influenced by the gripping universe of “The Evil Within.”


Parham Gharavaisi

Parham Gharavaisi

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